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Rail strikes have 'huge potential to cause chaos' for students sitting exams

Jessica Pinkett, head of youth insights at Student Beans, said the strikes have "huge potential to cause chaos for students nationwide".

"With two days of industrial action, and the rest of the week plagued with delays and cancellations, there is concern that some students may miss A-level and GCSE exams if cancellations and delays occur on their journey," she said.

"Our concern is that many students will not be able to attend school as a result of the strikes resulting in some missing important exams which may leave them at an unfair advantage, and students deserve reassurance that their will be special consideration for these cases where students are unable to travel to the exam hall."

Ayo, an 18-year-old A-level student in Birmingham, said his usual route is now just a single train with a single carriage each hour and he fears he may not be able to get on if it is too busy.

"I 100% feel we students should get special consideration because we'd have to wake up extremely early to catch a bus that we've never caught before so we're all on edge and are unable to concentrate and revise in the morning for the exams," he said.

"And it's just plainly unfair because the lack of sleep due to waking up early may affect us in our exams."

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