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Revealed: These are the most popular modifications for your car!

Confused.com have researched fluffy dice to underbody lights

A new study has found the most pinned car modifications from Pinterest, showing what drivers are changing about their vehicles!

Car insurance company Confused.com have used Pinterest data to find out which car customisations have been saved the most - either to look on-trend or to stand out in the car park.

The most pinned car interiors

With so much time spent in your car, it’s important to get the interior to your standards! But, what interior trends are getting people interested on Pinterest?

It’s a common fact that the colour pink makes everything look pretty, so it’s no surprise that the hot pink interior lighting comes in first place with 27,137 pins, proving this bright, colourful mood lighting a very popular choice. This mood lighting can add a bit of finesse to your car interior with a glow around your footwell.

But the colour pink also occupies second and third place, pretty impressive if you ask us! A car with pink velour interiors has 15,486 pins, so covering your seats in this fabric may turn out to be a worthwhile investment. But if you aren’t the velour type of driver, pink leather seats with starry ceilings has 7,785 pins - so if you like stargazing and driving, this one’s for you!

The most pinned car exteriors

Popular mods for the outside of your car often include lighting, whether it’s mixing up the ones you already have or adding some brand new LEDs to make the road glow, these are the most pinned car exteriors.

Racers it’s time to rev your engines as the most saved exterior design is a blue exhaust light, which has 23,421 pins. Not only will this light add coolness to a usually boring feature of a car, but it’s also quite an easy modification to make, but you may want to consider your distraction to other drivers!

We hate to crush dreams, but the second most pinned mod is quite literally impossible to do as it’s a manufacturer detail. A wide body guise racks up 10,187 pins, so it’s something to look for when hunting for your next set of wheels. 

If you aren’t looking for a new vehicle though, you can easily add the third most popular design yourself, the heart tail lights. These lights have 8,680 pins and give a bit of finesse to your car.

The most pinned car colour

For a less extreme car makeover, people turn towards experimenting with different vehicle colours, with these being the most pinned colours on Pinterest.

The most pinned car colour is metallic bronze with a whopping 28,329 pins. This colour can make any car look a little more expensive!

Whilst bronze is a more muted metallic colour, you can go for a slightly more extreme metallic with gold being the second most pinned with 19,836 pins. 

In huge contrast with those metallic colours, mint green rounds off the top three most pinned car colour with 19,414 pins. 

The most pinned car accessories

Permanent changes to your car may become a difficult pill to swallow in the future if you start to hate your modifications! This is why less permanent DIY changes and various accessories are a fun way to give a bit of personality to your vehicle.

Rhinestone steering wheels are very much in at the moment, with 14,782 pins. It’s an inexpensive, albeit time-consuming, bit of DIY that can make sure your wheel is bedazzled! 

In second place is a very aesthetic interior of flowers, crochet details and natural elements. Better known as a ‘hippie’ vibe, these interiors have 11,390 pins so they can help you feel at one with nature whilst driving down those country roads. 

Alternatively, if you have paintbrushes at the ready, you can paint your mirror (obviously to a degree or you might crash), with over 7,254 people pinning this to their collections.

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